Feb. 26th, 2013

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The meeting with Adama goes as well as he should've expected. At first, it looks like the admiral will just brush him off: come back in two hours, Mr. Gaeta, says Adama, turning away to fetch another drink before Gaeta can respond. Left with little else to do, he hobbles back to sickbay for his post-shift checkup.

That, too, goes as well as he should have expected: an hour and forty-five minutes of waiting, a fifteen-minute exam that does amount to a brush-off, Ishay rushed and apologizing as she hands him another jar of ointment for his stump. The ointment doesn't do anything; the problem's with the endcap of his prosthesis, he's told them that dozens of times. But hey, with Caprica expecting a baby and Tigh by her side for the ultrasound -- gotta keep the toasters happy and well cared for in a timely manner, right? That's what matters most nowadays.

Once everyone's seated back in the Admiral's quarters, the meeting's objective becomes clear. Tyrol's ideas involving the application of Cylon tech to their ships won't be debated, or discussed; all that'll be talked over is how to coat this poison pill so the Fleet will swallow it without a qualm. Gaeta tries to interject, asking for more information -- because of course there has to be a catch to all of this -- but the only time they take notice of him is when Tigh snaps at Gaeta to address Admiral Adama as "sir." He leaves no less frustrated than when he entered.

His resolve, on the other hand, is rapidly sharpening to a point.

The next day, in direct defiance of Ishay's earlier order to get some rest, Gaeta's in the rec room, nursing the biggest cup of coffee he can find and not making eye contact with the scattering of other crew members. He checked to make sure Louis wasn't there before he even stepped across the threshold; keep your head down, he told him, and he means for Louis to listen.


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