mr_gaeta: (not smirking at you. really.)
Felix Gaeta ([personal profile] mr_gaeta) wrote2014-01-25 11:12 pm

[Milliways, upstairs]

[After this.]

At this stage, walking with a prosthesis isn't much easier than walking without one. That doesn't matter. He has a prosthesis again.

So even though hauling a bag of groceries upstairs took a good twenty minutes, and even though Gaeta had to rest for another twenty once he made it to room 372, he moves with an unaccustomed buoyancy once he gets back on his feet. (Feet. Plural. Gods, if he's dreaming this is the best one he's had in a while.) Soon, he's hard at work on the evening's meal.

Whatever it is smells delicious as it wafts down the upstairs hallway.

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