mr_gaeta: (that's not good.)
Felix Gaeta ([personal profile] mr_gaeta) wrote2014-05-31 10:36 pm

[Washington, DC, USA, Earth]

Over a year since the last time he passed through Milliways' front door, Gaeta has to exercise a considerable amount of energy not to sprint through it as soon as Steve turns the handle.

He's also exercising a considerable amount of energy not to start hyperventilating again, or running back up to his room, or doing anything except devolve into a panic attack. Even after he's safely on the other side of the threshold, he can still hear the mechanical clicking of Bar's Cubefall hardware; all he wants to do is plug his ears.

The whole time, he didn't even stop to wonder if he could leave Milliways. Luckily, nothing untoward seems to have happened yet.

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