mr_gaeta: (Default)
Felix Gaeta ([personal profile] mr_gaeta) wrote2014-02-08 11:34 pm

[Milliways infirmary]

Several days later, the good hurt of a decent workout morphs into true pain. It wakes Gaeta up in the middle of the night; terrified, not fully cognizant, he thinks oh, gods, it's come back. He makes it through a verse and a half of song, each word whispered with the fervency of prayer, before realizing what it must be.

One leg has been assisted by crutches for that year, and the other has borne no weight at all.

Of course it's going to hurt.

The pain's enough that he briefly -- but seriously -- considers finding a wheelchair once morning comes around. Instead, achy and limping, he makes his way down to the infirmary under his own power.

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