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Name:Felix Gaeta

Most kids from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol eventually grow out of their dreams of working on a battlestar. Lieutenant Gaeta never did, especially not when he discovered the Colonial Fleet's extension program would pay for a graduate degree in genetics. Ultimately, his job as a tactical officer may have only been a means to an end, but he enjoyed it anyway, throwing himself into the work with an unwavering dedication. By the time the Cylons attacked the Colonies, he'd won the posting he'd coveted for so long aboard a soon to be decommissioned battlestar named Galactica.

And then, within hours, the military was all he had left.

When what you do isn't just about you anymore -- when it becomes about keeping the last fifty thousand members of the human race alive, too -- it stops mattering that you didn't intend to make it a lifelong career. In Gaeta's case, that pressed him to work twice as hard. With Dr. Gaius Baltar needing extra help on his projects, Gaeta could even put some of his genetics training to use from time to time as he assisted the most brilliant man in the fleet.

It came as a surprise when Baltar chose to run for President, and even more of one when Gaeta realized he'd be willing to leave Galactica behind to serve as Baltar's Chief of Staff. It became an even bigger shock to find that not everybody -- least of all his idol -- was as hard-working and principled as him.

Afterward, he returned to his post aboard Galactica. His idealism was shaken to its core; his loyalty to the Fleet wasn't.

Gaeta will always do everything he can, no matter what, and he will always do what he thinks is right.
Felix Gaeta stands a few inches shy of six feet, with olive skin, sleepy-looking brown eyes, and black hair -- gone prematurely gray at the temples -- that curls when it gets too long. (It's grown a little too long lately.) Though he has no cause to wear his military uniform anymore, his civilian clothes remain neat and well-kept, and he does still wear a set of Colonial Fleet dog tags underneath his shirt. Most of the time, he acts every inch his twenty-eight years, if not more so; there are other times when it becomes painfully obvious that most of those twenty-eight years were spent in classrooms and on CIC floors.

Edited to add (3/28/12): As of this, Gaeta's right leg has been amputated at about two inches below the knee. Since he doesn't wear a prosthesis (yet), this is both very obvious and very limiting; whenever he's upright, assume he's using a pair of forearm crutches and moving rather slowly.

Thanks to Sameth, Gaeta now wears a silver prosthesis that looks very much like a real leg, save the fact that it's, y'know...silver. (It has some Charter Marks inscribed in the metal as well.) All of his pants had the right leg cut short to accommodate his amputation, so the prosthetic limb is just as visible as his earlier lack of a limb.

Also, sometimes, Gaeta will have a dodo tagging along after him. His name is Gogo. It's kind of a long story.

(Okay, not that long.)

Felix Gaeta hails from the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series, which is the property of Ronald D. Moore, the Sci-Fi (Syfy? Whichever.) Channel, and all other associated parties. I am neither them nor Alessandro Juliani, and I am making no money off of this; it's just for roleplay purposes in [community profile] milliways_bar. Please don't sue.

Gaeta is now post-canon. Prior to Milliways' move to DW, he could be found at [ profile] mr_gaeta.

Profile designed by the lovely and talented [personal profile] aberration. Thanks, Veronica!

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